Products We realise that we act as agents for paint companies and that their reputation rests on the quality of our work. So we take extra care to ensure complete accuracy to the specifications supplied.

Colour Chips and Colour Systems

What you see is what you get

Colour chips are the most popular way for consumers to make the right colour choice. In order to do this, they need a colour chip which matches the manufacturer’s specifications in colour, sheen level and texture exactly – what they see should be what they get. The reputation of the paint company depends on this.

We have manufactured millions of colour chips over the years in all sizes and shapes. Our Peel ‘n Stick colour chips and sheets enable the consumer to stick the colour chip/sheet to the wall to get a clearer perspective of the result. Peel ‘n Stick is an easy-peel system which allows the colour chip/sheet to be used again and again after it has been stuck to any smooth surface.

Our colour chips are typically arranged in colour systems which can be designed to a customers' specifications.

Colour Cards

What you get is what you want

Colour cards need to be accurate, appealing, and inspirational. They help the consumer make informed colour choices.

CCIA produces a wide range of colour cards in a variety of formats. We pride ourselves on being more than manufacturers. With decades of experience we are able to offer our clients advice and design services which make their marketing campaigns more successful.

We work with the paint and coating company to achieve the best result and return on their investment.

Fan Decks

The complete colour reference

As a single-source reference for professionals and consumers alike, the fan deck is incomparable. Whether each leaf contains a single colour or a series of colours CCIA can produce a perfect sample. 

Our patented technology allows us to include any combination of colours and textures on a single leaf without having to sacrifice accuracy. Our fan decks are custom manufactured to the client’s specifications.

Industrial, Marine and Specialized Coatings

We go where you go

We are able to match any finish for any application: from powder-coating to metallic, from pearlescent to high gloss, we strive to give you the right tools to communicate with your target audience.

Our processes can reproduce the complex and radiant colours of the industrial and architectural industries.

Colour Standards and Research

Your brand, our promise

Colour interpretation starts with the correct colour standards to manage our clients’ corporate and brand identities.

Brand identity and brand integrity often rely on the use of perfectly accurate colour standards. As part of our services we act as custodians of the colour standards for various multi-national brands.

This service includes evaluation of colours, production of physical colour standards for various brands and on-site audits of the production processes to ensure consistent colour quality.