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Colour Chips & Colour Systems

Colour chips are the most popular way for your consumers to make the right colour choice. In order to do this, they need a colour chip which matches the manufacturer’s specifications in colour, sheen level and texture exactly – when your customer buys colour chips for paint, what they see should be what they get in the final product.

Your reputation as the paint company depends on this.

CCIA colour chips are typically arranged in colour systems which can be designed to your specifications.

CCIA has the technical expertise to provide you with colour chips with accurate colour for your products.

ColorTac™ Peel and Stick Colour

ColorTac™ is an easy-peel system which allows a colour sample chip/sheet to be used again and again after it has been stuck to any smooth surface.

It is instrumental for your end customer to be able to take the colour home to see how it reflects the light in their own space. Colour always looks different in the light at home compared to the light in the store.

CCIA can provide you with ColorTac™ peel and stick colour chips and sheets that enable your customer to view a large -  and removable - sample of the colour on their wall, to get a clearer perspective of the end result and help make a sale.

Your customers may prefer to purchase ColorTac™ samples onlineCall us to discuss how CCIA can support your e-commerce fulfillment needs.

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