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CCIA is located in New Zealand, where the local stringent pollution controls ensure that our production processes exceed most global environmental standards. 

CCIA also incorporates environmentally responsible aspects to its printing processes. You can take advantage of our sustainability point of difference.

CCI Australasia is based in New Zealand’s largest commercial centre, Auckland, with access to two shipping ports and airfreight traffic. Auckland is well suited as a base for the region to provide you with an efficient shipping service.

We are close to the major paint producing markets of Asia and are proud of our Free Trade Agreements with Australia, China, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam. Discussions with India are underway. Further afield we have strong economic ties with the USA, Chile and Peru. These agreements allow us to service certain markets without incurring additional import duties.

Globally, CCI has strategically positioned its production facilities close to the world’s major paint production hubs. With key plants in the USA, Europe and Australasia, the company is perfectly suited to provide outstanding service to match its exceptional products.

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